Heat Stress Monitoring and Relief Products

Sonoco™ ThermoSafe U-tek™ Gel Pack Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Phase Change Material (PCM) gel pack for shipping temperature-sensitive materials.

Ergodyne™ Chill-Its™ 5151 BPA-Free Water Bottle

Chill-Its™ 5151 BPA-Free Water Bottle is a durable and portable solution to staying hydrated when away from a water source.

Ergodyne™ Chill-Its™ 6603 Evaporative Cooling Band

Chill-Its™ 6603 Evaporative Cooling Band is designed to absorb water and create a feeling colder than ambient air temperature.

Ergodyne™ Chill-Its™ 6690 Cooling Arm Sleeves

Chill-Its™ 6690 Cooling Arm Sleeves provide full arm coverage to absorb and wick away sweat, deliver advanced cooling relief, shield skin from UV rays, and even protect against light abrasions.

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Drybrow™ Sweatbands

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Drybrow™ Sweatbands are ideal for workers in hot, humid environments

Ergodyne™ Chill-Its™ 6615 High-Performance Dew Rag

Elastic band provides superior fit

Sonoco™ ThermoSafe PolarPack™ Foam Bricks

Refrigerant bricks are vacuum-sealed for consistent weight and shape. These semi-rigid foam bricks never change shape during freezing, thawing or transit, enabling superior surface contact for more consistent temperature control.

OccuNomix™ MiraCool™ Bandanas

Lightweight neck bandanas with cooling power and the comfort of cotton

Ergodyne™ Chill-Its™ 6609 Terry Sweatband

Keeps sweat out of eyes for comfort and safety

Ergodyne™ Chill-Its™ Evaporative Cooling Towel

Dampen this advanced PVA polymer material for a towel that's significantly cooler than ambient air.

Sonoco™ Utek™ Mailing Refrigerant Packs

Phase change materials are ideal for products requiring frozen temperatures or extreme cold that may not tolerate dry ice or CO2

Sonoco™ ThermoSafe PolarPack™ Foam Bricks

Foam brick ice packs never change shape during freezing, thawing or transit, enabling superior surface contact for more consistent temperature control. Refrigerant bricks are vacuum-sealed for consistent weight and shape.

Sonoco™ PureTemp™ Phase Change Materials

PureTemp™PCMs liquefy or solidify at precise temperatures, from -40° to +37°C. The surrounding temperature falls below the phase temperature, they solidify and release their stored energy. If the temperature rises above the phase temperature, they liquefy and absorb excess energy.

Sonoco™ ThermoSafe U-tek™ Ice

Cushions fragile shipments, and won’t dilute ice baths or damage samples. Remains frozen longer than regular ice, without the melting mess.

Sonoco™ ThermoSafe PolarPack™ Rigid Bottles

Multi-purposed and designed to withstand rugged warehouse packing environments. These rigid plastic bottles are our most durable refrigerants.

Pain Care Labs Buzzy™ Universal Healthcare Ice Wings

Buzzy™ Universal Healthcare Ice Wings are a reusable accessory that slide on to the clip of Buzzy™ Mini, or underneath the elastic of Buzzy™ XL.

Pain Care Labs Buzzy™ XL Healthcare

Pain Care Labs Buzzy™ XL Healthcare is proven in clinical trials to decrease the pain of IV insertion, and lets patients know pain relief is a priority.

Sonoco™ PolarPack™ Tough Pack

Nomadic™ Pre-Qualified Shippers deliver precise protection for refrigerated and frozen pharmaceuticals, biological specimens, and samples in a range of configurations.

Pain Care Labs Buzzy™ Universal Soft Ice Wings

Pain Care Labs Buzzy™ Universal Soft Ice Wings provide a comfortable, single-use, disposable solution to icing in healthcare applications.

Pain Care Labs Buzzy™ Mini Healthcare

Pain Care Labs Buzzy™ Mini Healthcare features a contoured and compact design which tucks under a standard tourniquet, or fits easily in the hand to deliver powerful pain blocking right where you need it.

Medique Medi-First™ Instant Hot Packs

Single use only. Medi-Fast Instant Hot Packs are convenient for first aid kits.

HeatPax™ Hand Warmers

HeatPax™ Hand Warmers are air activated and provide instant warmth.

OccuNomix™ Hot Rods Warming Pack

Warming packs offer all-day comfort in cold temperature applications

Ansell™ ActivArmr™ Flame Retardant Cooling Vest

Ansell™ ActivArmr™ Flame Retardant Cooling Vest prevents elevated body temperatures in people who work in hot environments or with extreme physical exertion.