Particulate Detection

3M™ Organic Vapor Monitors

Lightweight, self-contained monitors record time-weighted average (TWA) vapor concentrations in factories and industrial, histology, cytology, and clinical labs

3M™ Formaldehyde Monitor

Complies with OSHA formaldehyde standard

EMD Millipore M Air T™ Tester Accessories and Replacement Parts Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

For use with M Air T™ environmental monitoring system.

3M™ Ethylene Oxide Monitor

No batteries, hoses, pumps or equipment to calibrate

EMD Millipore 25mm Aerosol Analysis Monitors

Preloaded filter monitors for monitoring airborne particles, trace metals, and particulate fluoride

EMD Millipore M Air T™ Agar Cassettes Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Ready-to-use cassettes, prefilled with gamma-sterilized medium

EMD Millipore 37mm Aerosol Analysis Monitors

For particulate analysis of aerosols

EMD Millipore Flow-limiting Orifices Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Creates quantitative airflow through a filter for airborne contamination analysis

EMD Millipore Diffusion Chamber Rings Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Plexiglas rings with 14mm dia. for use with Diffusion chamber

Honeywell Analytics™ IAQPoint2 CO2 Monitors, Wall Mount

Improve indoor air quality and cut energy costs with CO2 monitoring for demand control ventilation.

EMD Millipore Aerosol Adapter

Adapts vacuum source to filter holders

Honeywell Analytics™ Replacement Pump Nozzle

For use with new Generation 2 pump modules.

EMD Millipore 47mm Aerosol Filter Holders Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Vacuum-filter air or other gases from clean-room/open atmospheres/from closed systems for particulate contamination analysis

MSA™ Model RP Combination Regulators

A fixed flow design provides constant and accurate flow to the gas detector simplifying the test and calibration process and saving calibration gas

Labconco™ HEPA Filters for Purifier™ Horizontal Clean Benches

HEPA filters for 3 in. (7.6cm), 4 in. (10.1) and 6 in. (15.2) Purifier horizontal clean benches

MSA™ Model R Calibration Cylinders

Complete with securing straps and sized to house Model R, RP and Econo-Cal Cylinders

Thermo Scientific™ DataRAM™ Accessories

Extend the capabilities of the DataRAM (DR) for a wide range of particulate monitoring applications.

Sensidyne™ Gilian™ Gilibrator-2™ Calibrator Kits

The Gilibrator-2™ calibration systems offer primary standard accuracy and pump performance validation for most commercially available air sampling equipment. Kits available using traditional wet cell method or with the piston cell assembly for “dry” applications. Existing Gilibrator-2 bases can be retrofitted to accommodate a piston cell.