Control Environments Non Sterile Mops

Micronova™ Tool/Mop Handles Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Lightweight, plastic-coated fiberglass handles

Contec™ QuickConnect™ Mop Handles and Hooks

Choose from a lightweight anodized aluminum, durable electropolished stainless steel or fiberglass. Contec™ QuickConnect™ Mop Handles are available in fixed length or telescoping models to fit all mopping needs.

Contec™ QuickConect™ Mop Head Frames

Featuring a quick-connect button for easy attachment to all sizes and styles of Contec™ Quick Connect™ handles. Contec™ QuickConnect™ Mop Head Frames are specifically designed for use with the Contec™ family of mopping systems.

Contec™ DualClean™ Softwall Strip Cleaner System

Designed to thoroughly and economically clean vinyl strip curtains with ease. Contec™ DualClean™ Softwall Strip Cleaner System is a unique system that enables one operator to quickly clean both sides of a4 to 12 in. plastic strip curtains in a single pass.

Micronova™ Accordion Mop Handle Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Collapsible for use in isolators and containment hoods

Micronova™ SlimLine™ Mop Adapters Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Plastic SlimLine adapter

Contec™ EasyCurve™ Mop Heads

Choose from non-sterile or validated sterile versions; mop heads are autoclavable. The Contec™ EasyCurve™ Mop Heads use curved mop faces with pivoting connectors for easier surface contact at a variety of angles. 

Contec™ VertiKlean™ Sox Mop Head Covers

Increases durability of VertiKlean mop when used on abrasive surfaces. Contec™ VertiKlean™ Sox Mop Head Covers are available in regular, medium and large to fit all VertiKlean mop heads.

Micronova™ Mop Handles

Handle for Micronova mops

Micronova™ MicroMop™ and PolyGen™ Mop Handle

For use with Micronova string mops

Micronova™ PowerHead™ Handle

Efficiently wrings all PowerHead mop heads

Vileda Professional™ CleanTech™ Duo Microfiber Laminated Mop, Non-sterile

For cleaning/disinfecting floors, walls and ceilings. Vileda Professional CleanTech Duo Microfiber Laminated Mop, Non-sterile are designed for use in cleanrooms up to class ISO 5/GMP A and B/FED209D Class 100.

Vileda Professional™ CE Duo™ CleanTech™ Sponge

Microfiber cleaning and disinfecting for hard to reach areas. Vileda Professional CE Duo CleanTech Sponge allows you to clean and disinfect hard to reach areas in cleanrooms and controlled environments.

Texwipe™ Cleanroom Mop Handle Telescopic Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Accessory/replacement part for fully autoclavable mop system