Fall Protection

Miller™ Claw Permanent Roof Anchor

Designed to provide fall protection on rooftops

Miller™ Anchor Beam Trolley Kit

Lightweight and adjustable

Honeywell Miller™ QuickPick™ Rescue Kit

Rescue Kits deliver peace of mind during unexpected, stressful peer-rescue situations

Honeywell Miller™ Accessory for QuickPick™ Rescue Kit: Rescue Pole

Enables the rescuer to connect the pre-rigged QuickPick Pulley System to the suspended worker

Miller™ Body Belts

Used for work positioning only or in conjunction with a full-body harness to provide fall protection

Honeywell Miller™ TranScendor™ Cable Climbing Systems

Permanently installed, flexible cable system provides continuous fall protection for climbing fixed ladders

Honeywell Miller™ DuraFlex™ 650 Series Full-Body Stretchable Harnesses

Feel the difference with specially-formulated elastomer (stretchable) webbing

Miller™ Choke-Style Wristlet

Wristlet for horizontal application

Miller™ RA30 Reusable Roof Anchors

Provide temporary anchorage for residential and construction applications

Honeywell Miller Bos'n Chair for AirCore™ Harness

For use with AirCore Oil and Gas harnesses

Honeywell Miller™ DuraHoist™ Confined Space Systems

Designed for manhole and confined space entry/retrieval and fall arrest applications

Honeywell Miller™ Revolution™ Harnesses

Design based on key user-identified needs

Honeywell Miller™ Revolution™ DualTech™ Harnesses

Harnesses with DualTech webbing offering safety and functionality with features developed to meet key user needs

Miller™ Titan™ Cross-Arm Strap

Secure anchor point for lanyards

Miller™ Temporary Anchorage Connectors

A variety of durable temporary connectors

Titan™ Non-Stretch Harnesses

Constructed of tough polyester webbing