Fall Protection Rescue Systems

Honeywell Miller™ QuickPick™ Rescue Kit

Rescue Kits deliver peace of mind during unexpected, stressful peer-rescue situations

Honeywell Miller™ TranScendor™ Cable Climbing Systems

Permanently installed, flexible cable system provides continuous fall protection for climbing fixed ladders

Miller™ Vi-Go™ Ladder Climbing Safety Systems

Continuous fall protection when climbing fixed ladders

3M™ and DEUS™ Oil & Gas Escape and Rescue Kit

Provides safe, simple basis for individual and multi-person escape, assisted rescue, self-rescue, work positioning, travel restraint, and rescue training

Honeywell Miller™ Accessory for QuickPick™ Rescue Kit: Rescue Pole

Enables the rescuer to connect the pre-rigged QuickPick Pulley System to the suspended worker

Honeywell Miller™ DuraHoist™ Confined Space Systems

Designed for manhole and confined space entry/retrieval and fall arrest applications

MSA™ Lynx™ Confined Space Entry Kit

Available with tripod or folding davit

MSA™ Workman™ Tripod

Ideal for multiple confined space

MSA™ Workman™ Tripod Confined Space Entry Kit

Ideal for multiple confined space

Capital Safety™ DBI/Sala™ Sayflink Sleeves for Multi-Span Sayfline System

Unique one-piece sleeve easily slides over the intermediate brackets with no manipulation required by the user for hands-free operation

Capital Safety™ DBI/Sala™ Order Picker Fall Protection System

With reserve lifeline retention system for added safety

Capital Safety™ DBI/Sala™ Salalift II Winch and Tripod Rescue Systems

With overload clutch that reduces chance of injury to entangled worker

CMC CSR Pulley Kit

Everything needed to set up a 4:1 raising system

3M™ SafeWaze™ 30500 Economy Fall Protection Kit

Contains all necessary fall protection equipment in one easy-to-carry bag

Moore Brand™ Rescue Response Kit with Disposable Resuscitator

Filled to the brim with essential EMS products