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  • Bel-Art Scienceware Right-to-Know Safety-Vented Wash Bottles with GHS Labeling

    Specially designed valve prevents pressure buildup that eliminates potentially dangerous chemical drips; allows dispensing of wash bottle in upright or inverted position.

    • Wide mouth 53mm (2 in.) for easy refilling
    • Translucent LDPE bottles with color-coded caps for easy identification
    • Pre-printed with chemical name and formula, GHS pictogram and signal word, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Section 704 Four-color Diamond, health hazards, Chemical Abstract System (CAS) number and suggested protective clothing and equipment
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  • Lab-Aire II™ Double-Sided Electric Benchtop Labware Dryers

    Offers compact footprint and accelerates drying of labware with warm, circulating air. Double-sided models double the capacity with only a slightly larger footprint and can be turned perpendicular to the benchtop for easy access to both sides.

    • 400w of drying power gently circulates heated air into and around items to decreases drying time
    • Heat selector knob with three temperature settings: high, medium and low
    • Power button illuminates when in use
    • 8 Amp at 120V, circuit breaker and independent thermo-fuse protects unit from overheating
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  • Bel-Art Scienceware PLUM Emergency Eyewash and Skinwash

    Easy-to-use immediate first aid for treating eye injuries caused by foreign debris and liquids, including acids and alkalis. Plum eyewash systems meet all applicable U.S. Federal regulations and comply with ANSI standards.

    • Instant access to immediate treatment for eye injuries
    • Two full minutes of rinsing time for pH Neutralizing (200 mL); 5 minutes for Sterile Saline (500 mL)
    • Flexible form-fitting eyecups for gentle but effective rinsing
    • Expiration dates clearly printed on every bottle
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  • Scienceware Vikem Microscope Covers

    Made of durable Vikem vinyl and are the perfect solution for keeping valuable microscopes and other sensitive equipment such as balances dust free.

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  • The Cleanware Optics Cleaning Kit

    This kit contains everything you need to keep your optics and other microscope parts dust and smudge free giving you crystal clear vision fields every time. Kit contains 10 pre-saturated cleaning pads, two packs of anti-static wipes and two pre-moistened germicidal swabs for hard to reach spaces.

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  • Switch Grid Test Tube Racks

    One rack with 25 possible tube size combinations. Innovative, split-frame racks hold up to two different sized tubes in the same rack, allowing students to quickly switch grids to hold other sizes as needed.

    • 10mm to 30mm diameter test tubes fit in five color-coded grid inserts
    • Three-tier rack holds tubes securely in place
    • Rubber feet keep racks from sliding on lab desk and provide secure stacking while in storage
    • Chemical resistant polyoxymethylene plastic rack frame and grids can be cleaned with mild detergent, ethanol or isopropyl alcohol; autoclaved at 121°C (250°F)
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  • Magic Touch 2 Ice Buckets with Lids

    Superior insulating properties combined with high chemical resistance.

    • Compatible not only with wet ice, but also with ultra-low temperature materials including dry ice, salt slurries, dry ice solvent slurries or liquid nitrogen
    • Able to withstand a wide temperature range of -196°C (-320°F) to +100°C (+212°F)
    • High-quality, expanded urethane laboratory ice buckets are lightweight, durable, nonsweating and impervious to moisture and odors
    • Convenient pour spout, drip-proof rims, a fill line indicator
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  • Bel-Art Scienceware Battery Powered Magnetic Stirrer

    Easy-to-transport, portable, lightweight stirrer. Ideal for field use where no electricity is available. Operates on one or two carbon/zinc, alkaline or rechargeable D-sized batteries.

    • Heavy-duty polypropylene
    • Can be used for up to 24 hours of continuous operation
    • Mixes up to 33.8 oz. (1L) with a maximum stirring speed of 900rpm
    • Speed control knob and easy access ON/OFF switch
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  • Bel-Art Scienceware Earth Friendly 1001 Sticks

    Lessen environmental impact with polylactic acid (PLA) resin sampling sticks. The production of 100% plant-based PLA contributes fewer greenhouse gases and uses less nonrenewable energy from source to resin than its petroleum-based counterparts, and plants used are an annually renewable resource.

    • Suitable for mixing samples, handling capsules, scraping containers or positioning solid samples for examination
    • Green alternative to petroleum-based sampling tools helps meet sustainability goals
    • Comparable in strength to polystyrene, polypropylene and other petroleum-based plastic resin sampling tools
    • Disposal options include industrial composting for biodegradability, incineration, recycling and landfill
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  • Bel-Art Scienceware Labmat Disposable Liner

    Disposable Labmat Bench Liner speeds clean ups and safeguards work surfaces from stains, spills and wear. Fifty-foot roll lets you cut and use just what you need. Labmat has a highly-absorbent top surface and flexible polyethylene backing that is non-skid and prevents soak-through of most solutions. Cut with regular scissors, roll up and discard after use.

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Right-to-Know, Safety-Vented Wash Bottles with GHS Labeling

Learn more about these wash bottles that are labeled to alert students to potential hazards and the need for additional protective equipment or clothing.

PULM Emergency Eyewash Station

Help limit chemical damage to your eyes with PLUM Emergency Eye Wash stations. This demonstration shows how to use the eyewash stations in case of an emergency. Bel-Art offers many customizations, such as pH-neutralizing solutions, dual-dispensers, and optional heating for cold environments.


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