Eisco™ Stainless Steel Bone Cutter

Features heavy duty construction, a return spring, and locking arm

Eisco™ Stand and Rod Pack

Matched economy base and rod.

Eisco™ Bunsen Burner With Flame Stabilizer

Quality lab gas burner mounted on a die casted zinc alloy base and with a brass flame stabilizer.

Eisco™ Fire Blanket

Designed for smothering fires or for protecting upper body when escaping from a fire, conforms to EN1869:1997

Eisco™ Bunsen Burners, Meker

Designed to produce an extremely hot and stable flame

Eisco™ Acrylic Burette

Durable and reusable 25 mL acrylic burette features graduations and a PTFE plastic plunger

Eisco™ Tirrill Bunsen Burner with Gas Control

Tirrill burners allow greater flexibility in the adjustment of the air-gas mixture

Eisco™ Polypropylene Filtering Flasks

Buchner filtering flask made of high quality, chemical resistant polypropylene with a conical shape to prevent spills

Eisco™ Plastic Dropping Bottle, Euro Design

Unique LDPE Plastic Dropping Bottles include a screw cap and spout that dispenses small, uniform drops of liquid.

Eisco™ Premium Lab Metalware Set

Single package containing support equipment for any experiment.

Eisco™ Bunsen Burners, Tirrill

Features wing nut on bottom of tube for gas adjustment and tube screws for fine adjustment of air to fuel ratio

Eisco™ Research Grade Retort Base and Rod Set Products for Science Education

Available with various sized rods

Eisco™ Distillation Kit - 19/22 Joints

Includes 15 pieces of glassware made from high quality, heavy duty Borosilicate 3.3 glass. Hard-shell briefcase with fitted foam inserts is included, all pieces have 19/22 tapered joints.

Eisco™ Folding Magnifier

Gowland-type Folding Magnifier features a 10x plano-convex lens made of extra white glass

Eisco™ Borosilicate Glass Gooch Crucible

Gooch type crucible made of high quality Borosilicate 3.3 glass features a sintered disc with G-3 porosity

Eisco™ Combustion Boat with Handle

Made from porcelain for increased resistance to heat and caustic chemicals

Eisco™ Dropping Bottle, 30 mL

Barnes Dropping Bottles are typically used for storing chemical reagents. Made of heavy duty glass, bottle includes an attached glass pipette and rubber bulb with child safety feature.

Eisco™ Alcohol Lamp

Polyhedral with metal cap

Eisco™ Plastic Desiccator

Lightweight and easy to move, this plastic desiccator helps to preserve moisture sensitive items in the classroom or laboratory.

Eisco™ Crucible Tongs with Bow

General purpose tongs with small bow and straight, serrated tips designed for grasping hot crucibles, evaporating dishes, or small flasks

Eisco™ Cork Borer Set

Includes a steel ram rod, can be used with rubber stoppers and corks

Eisco™ Porcelain Buchner Funnel Products for Science Education

Eisco™ Porcelain Buchner Funnel features a thick stem and fixed perforated plate.

Eisco™ Bunsen Burners, Basic

Prevents easy tipping, even with hoses connected

Eisco™ Lattice Clamp

For lattice building and rod coupling.

Eisco™ Burner Bunsen Meker: High Temperature

Ideal for lab work requiring a hotter flame than that attainable with a bunsen burner.

Eisco™ Conical Filtering Flask with Integral Side Arm Products for Science Education

The borosilicate glass conical filtering flask with integral side arm is ideal for storage, mixing, and transferring of various solutions. The flask is easy to use in any lab with its flat bottom, side arm, narrow neck, and beaded rim.

Eisco™ Class A Glass Burettes with Glass Key Stopcock Products for Science Education

Eisco™ Class A Glass Burettes with Glass Key Stopcock designed with blue graduations and a straight single bore.

Eisco™ Polypropylene Measuring Cylinder Set with Displacement Vessel, 5 Piece

Convenient starter set of four polypropylene measuring cylinders ranging from 10-100 mL, and a 250 mL displacement vessel

Eisco™ Basic Bunsen Burner, Natural Gas with Flame Stabilizer

Basic natural gas burner with flame stabilizer is ideal for lab work

Eisco™ Flat Bottom Boiling Flasks with Interchangeable Joint

High quality borosilicate 3.3 glass flat bottom boiling flasks feature short necks and interchangeable joints.


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