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From elementary simple machines to AP Physics components to Quantum physics.  


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EISCO Human Eye, 5X Enlarged, 6 part, Dissectable Products for Science Education

The 6-part human eye model (magnified 5x) is a very highly detailed demonstration of the human eye.

EISCO Human Ovary Model Products for Science Education

Anatomically accurate representation of female reproductive organs.

EISCO Human Fetal Model, Seven Stages Products for Science Education

Cross-sectional pelvic model demonstrates the major stages of child birth.

NeuLog™ Accessories Products for Science Education Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

For use with all Neuron NeuLog Logger sensors.

EISCO Small Anemometer Products for Science Education

Simple device for elementary children to determine wind speed. It is simple enough for children to understand and use.

EISCO Human Ear Model, Five-Part Products for Science Education

Enlarged four times to allow detailed study of internal and external structures.

EISCO Plant and Animal Cell Comparison Model Products for Science Education

Set of two models to compare plant and animal cells.

Thermal Expansion Apparatus Products for Science Education

Bar and gauge device shows expansion due to heating and contraction due to cooling.

EISCO Aneroid Teaching Barometer Products for Science Education

A high quality teaching barometer to demonstrate operation. The exposed aneroid shows the change in barometric pressure when the attached bulb is pumped.

EISCO Giant Human Heart Model Products for Science Education

Get an amazing look at the human heart with this 3 times life size model.

EISCO Polypropylene Cylinders Products for Science Education

Base provides good stability.

Fisher Science Education Borosilicate Prism Products for Science Education

Designed for use with spectrometer.

Rheostats Products for Science Education

Wide range of rheostats offering excellent value

Linear Expansion Apparatus Products for Science Education

Easy-to-use device shows the effect of volume on pressure.

EISCO Torso Half Size with Head - 7 Parts Products for Science Education

Introductory toroso of a human youth in age.

EISCO Crystal Lattice Models Products for Science Education

Lattices represent classic crystal structures.

Fisher Science Education Slotted Set of Masses and Hanger Products for Science Education

Set of brass masses with slots and brass hanger with hook.

EISCO Animal Cell Model Products for Science Education

Three-dimensional model showing electron microscopic structure.

EISCO Tirrill Bunsen Burner with Gas Control Products for Science Education

Tirrill burners allow greater flexibility in the adjustment of the air-gas mixture

Fisher Science Education Respiratory System Model Products for Science Education

Depicts detailed structure of the human respiratory system.

Eisco Horseshoe Magnet Products for Science Education

Designed with keepers.

EISCO Pulley Demonstration Kit Products for Science Education

Investigate one of the six “simple machines.”

EISCO Circular Tripod Stand Products for Science Education

Polished stainless steel.

EISCO Moving Coil EDM-80 DC Voltmeters Products for Science Education

Measure potential difference, or voltage, between two points in an electrical or electronic circuit.

Eisco™ NeuLog™ mA Current Logger Sensor

The Eisco™ NeuLog™ mA Current Logger Sensor measures the current in the mA range, in parallel or series branches of low voltage AC and DC circuits. This sensor can be used to measure the current in the mA range, in parallel or series branches of low voltage AC and DC circuits and also to investigate the dependence of the current flow through components on the voltage across them.

EISCO New Calorimeter Products for Science Education

Double wall calorimeter of superior quality.


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