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EISCO Deluxe Loop Apparatus with Scale

Demonstrate the conservation of energy, momentum, and projectile motion. The EISCO Deluxe Loop Apparatus with Scale has a curved metal track, like a roller coaster. Drop a steel ball from the top and watch the results.

EISCO Premium Gyroscope and Gimbal Cradle

Demonstrate principles of angular momentum. The EISCO Premium Gyroscope and Gimbal Cradle is an excellent, inexpensive apparatus for experiments in precession, inertial guidance, and gyroscopic stabilization.

EISCO Hall's Carriage

The EISCO Hall's Carriage is a great tool that is useful for teaching students about dynamics when used in conjunction with an incline plane. One piece plastic body with facility to add weights on the top.

Eisco™ Molecular Model Part; Ball Products for Science Education

Molecular model sets are used to provide a visual and kinesthetic aid for studying the structure and properties of various molecules.

Fisher Science Education Tubular Spring Balances Products for Science Education

Scaled in both grams and Newtons.

Eisco™ Dissection Tray Products for Science Education

Aluminum dissection tray with wax liner.

EISCO Light Sensor Products for Science Education

Helps students to collect and record light data for experimentation and analysis.

EISCO Visual Scientifics Extended Inclined Plane Products for Science Education

For easier investigations of Newton's laws and collisions.

Fisher Science Education Force Board Kit Products for Science Education

Helps teacher demonstrate the principles of the parallelogram and polygon of forces.

EISCO Hero's Engine, Eolipile

Demonstrate the earliest form of a steam turbine. The EISCO Hero's Engine, Eolipile is a functional glass model, comprising a borosilicate glass bulb with side arms bent at right angles. Complete setup on a stand, missing only the burner.

Eisco™ Premium Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope Products for Science Education

This can be used both as a demonstration for the conservation of angular momentum or as exercise equipment.

Eisco™ High Resolution Economy Dynamometers - Spring Balance

Metallic, tubular Newton spring balances. EISCO High Resolution Economy Dynamometers are color-coded for convenience, and are scaled in both grams and Newton's.

EISCO Scoria Specimen (Igneous Rock) Products for Science Education

For use in lessons on eruption style and cooling rate. EISCO Scoria Specimen (Igneous Rock) forms as spatter from bubbly, mafic lava is thrown into air and cooled quickly.

EISCO Reflection and Refraction Optics Kit Products for Science Education

Helps students to study easily on these two important wave properties.

EISCO Porcelain Crucible with Lid, squat Products for Science Education

Used to heat chemical compounds. EISCO Porcelain Crucibles are standard lab crucibles and can withstand temperatures up to 1050°C.

EISCO Model Upper Triple Root Molar with Caries 15 times Full size - 6 Parts Products for Science Education

Longitudinal section through crown, 2 roots and pulp cavity.

EISCO pH Sensor Products for Science Education

Allows students to easily measure pH of pure chemicals and dynamic chemical reactions.

Fisher Science Education Wankel Rotary Engine Model Products for Science Education

Shows the internal structure and operating principles of a Wankel engine.

EISCO Simple Bunsen Burner, LPG Products for Science Education

Simple, inexpensive gas burner is suitable for general lab.

EISCO Polypropylene Beakers with Spout Products for Science Education

Excellent clarity and very good chemical resistance.

EISCO Economy Three-Legged Force Table

Make dissection easy with the proper tools. The EISCO Economy Three-Legged Force Table is great for student benchtops as it does not take up much space and is collapsible.

EISCO Hollow Acrylic Semi Circle

The EISCO Hollow Acrylic Semi Circle is a handy devices for observing the index of refraction for different materials.

EISCO Moving Coil EDM-80 DC Voltmeters Products for Science Education

Measure potential difference, or voltage, between two points in an electrical or electronic circuit.

EISCO Color Mixing Demonstrator Products for Science Education

Three LED lamps that project red, blue, green light.

Eisco™ High Resolution Dynamometers - Spring Balance

Metallic, tubular Newton spring balances. EISCO High Resolution Dynamometers are color-coded for convenience, and are scaled in both grams and Newton's.

EISCO Graduated Cylinders, PP, Round Base Products for Science Education

Round Base provides good stability.

EISCO Volcanic Tuff Specimen (Igneous Rock) Products for Science Education

For use in exercises in igneous rock classification. EISCO Volcanic Tuff Specimen (Igneous Rock) is formed by ash and dust deposited during explosive volcanic eruptions that eventually become compacted and lithified, forming large packages of tuff. These

EISCO Resistance Coils Products for Science Education

Shows how resistance varies with the type of wire, length of wire, and diameter of wire in coil in 0.1 to 0.9 ohms.

Fisher Science Education Two-Stroke Diesel Engine Model Products for Science Education

Demonstrates operating principles of an air cooled two-stroke engine.

EISCO Giant Dental Care Model Products for Science Education

Three times life size model for showing proper dental hygiene.


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