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From elementary simple machines to AP Physics components to Quantum physics.  


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NeuLog™ Photogate Logger Sensor Products for Science Education

Use to help study various kinds of motion.

EISCO Model Human Teeth Set of 16 Products for Science Education

Set of 16 teeth cast in break resistant material having accurate anatomical details.

EISCO Polypropylene Cylinders Products for Science Education

Base provides good stability.

Eisco Base Retort Stand

Pressed steel base with tapped hole.

NeuLog™ Humidity Logger Sensor Products for Science Education

Measures relative humidity in varying weather conditions.

EISCO Bourdon Gauge Products for Science Education

The gauge is circular having overall dia. of 100mm.

EISCO Color Mixing Demonstrator Products for Science Education

Three LED lamps that project red, blue, green light.

EISCO Model Upper & Lower Jaw - 4 times enlarged Products for Science Education

Shows the tooth roots, spongiosa, vessels and nerves.

EISCO Visual Scientifics Diffraction Experiment Set Products for Science Education

Helps students derive and understand diffraction and the key building blocks of modern physics.

NeuLog™ Spirometer Logger Sensor Products for Science Education

Measures and calculates lung volume.

EISCO Premium Three Finger Clamp w/ Boss Head

Choose durable lab equipment that will last for years. The EISCO Premium Three Finger Clamp w/ Boss Head is an industrial clamp that has rubber coated fingers and a swivel boss head.

EISCO Crook's Radiometer Products for Science Education

Radiometer comprises partly evacuated glass bulb containing a fine pivot at its centre, which supports 4 light weight metal arms.

EISCO Model Dentition Development Set Products for Science Education

Cast from natural specimen, 4 upper and lower jaw halves, 4 different stages of development.

EISCO Visual Scientifics Wave Demonstration Set Products for Science Education

Guides students through understanding standing waves, nodes, tension and speed.

Eisco™ H-Shape Retort Stand Products for Science Education

The “H” Shape Base Retort Stand provides a sturdy base for retort rods (rod not included).

NeuLog™ Salinity Logger Sensor Products for Science Education

Measures salt content of a solution.

NeuLog™ Accessories Products for Science Education Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

For use with all Neuron NeuLog Logger sensors.

EISCO Spatula-Scoop Products for Science Education

Versatile stainless-steel spatula with semi-circular cross section.

EISCO Premium Four Prong Clamp

Choose durable lab equipment that will last for years. The EISCO Premium Four Prong Clamp is an industrial universal lab clamp.

EISCO Model Human Testis Products for Science Education

Model of human testis showing all details.

EISCO Direct Vision Spectroscope Products for Science Education

For rapid examination of spectral composition of white light.

EISCO Doppler Effect Demonstration Apparatus

Load batteries, swing the device in a full circular motion experience the doppler effect first hand. The EISCO Doppler Effect Demonstration Apparatus is the perfect demonstration of the Doppler effect in a classroom.

EISCO Human Head, Cross sectional Products for Science Education

The model comprehensively showcases the human head and neck muscles, vessels, nerves and internal structures.

EISCO Teeth With Tongue Model Products for Science Education

Dissectible into two parts, with detachable teeth of lower jaw.

Four-Stroke Gas and Diesel Engines Products for Science Education

Air-cooled, side-valve four-stroke engines for gas or diesel.

Eisco Carbon Paper Disc

Supplied as 100 discs per box.

Eisco Triangle Clay Pipe

To hold objects in high heat.

EISCO Optics Kit Products for Science Education

An all-inclusive optics bench and kit a student can use to study geometrical optics and light.

EISCO Economy Atwood Machine

Demonstrate basic principles of dynamics and acceleration. The EISCO Economy Atwood Machine consists of two 2 in. diameter low friction pulleys attached to an aluminum rod.

EISCO Superior Stand and Rod Set

The EISCO Superior Stand and Rod Set is a stand and rod for lab use.


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