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Eisco™ Economy 7 Piece Dissecting Set Products for Science Education

Stainless steel dissection set, consisting of 7 instruments for accurate dissection.

Eisco™ Celestial Star Globe Products for Science Education

This model illustrates the Earth's rotation on its axis and its revolution.

EISCO Animal Cell Model Products for Science Education

Clearly demonstrates a greatly detailed structure of an animal cell.

Eisco™ 8 Piece Plastic Sieve/ Strainer Products for Science Education

Six plastic sieves with stainless steel mesh, cover and bottom collector.

EISCO Triangular 6.75 in. Base with 20 in. Rod

The EISCO Triangular 6.75 in. Base with 20 in. Rod is a base that provides 3 points of support for stability.

EISCO Leslie's Cube, 13cm Sides, Tin Products for Science Education

Tin plate box with 130mm sides, used to compare relative radiant heat output from each of the four faces.

EISCO Polystyrene Slide Boxes Products for Science Education

Durable — keep slides safe and in order.

EISCO Motion Converter Model Products for Science Education

Demonstrates how rotational motion can be converted into linear motion similar to power train systems.

EISCO Plastic Dissection Tray Products for Science Education

Made of low density polyurethane (LDPE).

Eisco™ Molecular Model Part; Ball Products for Science Education

Molecular model sets are used to provide a visual and kinesthetic aid for studying the structure and properties of various molecules.

EISCO Economy Spectroscope Tube Products for Science Education

Designed to let the user look through a slit spectrum of light decomposed by an optical system. EISCO Economy Spectroscope Tubes allows students to quickly identify constituent wavelengths of visible light in many sources,

Fisher Science Education Monocot Stem Anatomy Model Products for Science Education

Depicts transverse and longitudinal sections in maize.

EISCO Wave Apparatus

Demonstrate both longitudinal and transverse wave motions. The EISCO Wave Apparatus consists of a number of eccentric discs supporting a series of metal rods revolving on a handle. Transverse waves are obtained from the straight rods and longitudinal waves are obtained from the bent rods.

EISCO Watch Glasses Products for Science Education

Range of different diameters.

Fisher Science Education Triangle Clay Pipe Products for Science Education

To hold objects in high heat.

EISCO Dicot (Pea) Germination Specimen Products for Science Education

Display mount shows dicot plant germination and development.

EISCO Block and Tackle Model Products for Science Education

Watch how this simple device lifts large loads with little effort using multiple pulleys.

Rheostats Products for Science Education

Wide range of rheostats offering excellent value

EISCO Polypropylene Beakers with Spout Products for Science Education

Excellent clarity and very good chemical resistance.

EISCO Human Digestive Canal Model Products for Science Education

Allows students to study the structure of Human Digestive Canal.

EISCO Compression Balance Products for Science Education

Durable plastic body.

EISCO Dropping Pipette Products for Science Education

For measuring and transferring liquids. EISCO Pipette Dropping for use in laboratories.

EISCO Model Torso with Muscles and Open Back - 19 Parts Products for Science Education

Life size, 19 parts Torso with detachable head showing half musculature and back.

EISCO Augite (Pyroxene Mineral) Specimen Products for Science Education

For study on 2-plane, 90° cleavage. EISCO Augite (Pyroxene Mineral) Specimen is used in classroom identification labs and exercises, correlates well to Next Generation Science Standards Evidence Statements.

NeuLog™ UVA Logger Sensor Products for Science Education

Measures wavelengths of ultraviolet A (UVA) light.

Fisher Science Education Dicot Leaf Model Products for Science Education

Shows details of a typical mesophytic leaf.

EISCO Ticker Timer Tape

The EISCO Ticker Timer Tape is replacement paper tape to be used with ticker timers.

EISCO Steam Generator Products for Science Education

Thick-walled, aluminium can with nozzle for steam outlet.


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